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Seaside Sounds, a White Rock, BC based sound studio, caters to clients needing audio engineers and editors for voiceovers, podcasts, and various audio projects.

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The Creative Strategy

Coastal + Professional + Bold
The logo, with its tall, modern sans-serif font in white against a dark blue background, ensures high visibility and readability, projecting professionalism and trustworthiness. This cohesive visual identity not only highlights the studio's expertise but also resonates with its vibrant coastal location, creating a strong and recognizable brand presence.
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Main logo

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Colour Palette

The Colours

The chosen colour palette embodies the brand’s coastal, professional, and bold identity. The blues evoke the sea and sky, creating a sense of calm and tranquility while conveying trust and reliability. White represents cleanliness and simplicity, providing a crisp background that enhances the professional look. Vibrant yellow adds energy and enthusiasm, capturing attention and making the brand feel lively and dynamic. Light beige suggests sandy beaches, reinforcing the coastal theme and adding warmth. This palette balances cool and warm tones, ensuring versatility and strong brand recognition across all media.

Website Design

The website was built on WordPress, focusing on service-based functionality. It includes detailed service pages, a contact page, FAQs, and a blog section ready for future posts. The site ensures a seamless user experience, aligning with Seaside Sounds' professional branding.
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