Paws for Patriots

Brand Identity

A veteran support service and animal-assisted therapy service

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The Creative Strategy

Courage + Support + Bravery
The branding for "Paws for Patriots" embodies the values of courage, support, and bravery, tailored to their mission of providing veteran support services and animal-assisted therapy. The strategic use of a bold, clean logo and a thoughtfully curated color palette enhances the brand's professional and supportive image. This approach ensures that the organization is perceived as trustworthy and compassionate, resonating with both veterans and their families.
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Main logo

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colour palette paws patriots

Colour Palette

The Colours

Light gray and beige provide a calming and stable background, symbolizing support and care. Dark slate conveys strength and resilience, embodying courage. Coral red introduces energy and passion, reflecting bravery. Together, these colours create a balanced and emotionally resonant identity for the organization.