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A family and wedding photographers branding identity and website design.

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The Creative Strategy

The elegant and feminine logo, embodies the brand's timeless beauty and sophistication. With a warm, relatable brand voice and a consistent visual identity, Nova Stories Photography aims to be the preferred choice for meaningful and emotive photography.
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Main logo

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Colour Palette

The Colours

The color palette of Nova Stories Photography evokes warmth, elegance, and natural beauty. Soft cream offers a calm, sophisticated backdrop, while warm beige adds comfort and reliability. Rich brown provides stability and elegance for accents, and muted green reflects balance and harmony. This thoughtful use of colour enhances the brand’s visual appeal and emotional resonance.

Website Design

We designed the website after establishing a strong brand identity that captures the essence of love and authentic connections using natural light. Following the brand guidelines, we created an elegant and feminine website, reflecting the brand's timeless beauty and sophistication. The website features comprehensive information on services, making it easy for clients to understand the personalized, high-quality photography offerings.
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